There are a lot of regional variations of football, which are extremely popular among local communities. For example, the Australian version is practically the third league by the audience in the world.

Aussie’s football has deep roots. Naturally, it has an old national high division, called the AFL (Australian Football League). The roster of the annual championship consists of 18 teams. The end of the season is called the Grand Final. This spectacle is very popular among fans and has risen in popularity through the years. That’s why AFL betting sites reach top positions in gambling charts.

The main problem with these places is their variety. You can easily confuse the AFL betting places. That’s why we made this guide in the world of Aussie bookmaker places. All the tips are proven by intensive practice. Remember, betting is a high-risk activity! One can’t have a guaranteed prize! But you definitely will have a lot of pleasure and deepening of sport’s knowledge.

Our criteria for the AFL Betting Sites

  • Since we do have tons of places for bets, the players still need some strict parameters of the proper sites. Unfortunately, today is the time of various cyber frauds and untrusted platforms. That’s why the player should notice some obvious factors before placing the first deposit.
  • Safety is the very first and the vivid parameter. When the gambling or betting portal is not trusty, don’t give it money. The recommended AFL betting sites, though, are licensed. Since every Australian state or territory has sovereign gambling authorities, each legislative body produced allowing documents. Also, web security tools are essential too. The good sites always have fresh release versions of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 
  • All the needed markets for punters. Both AFL finals or AFL Premiership bets should have all the options. The general rules of the major league forbid all live bets. Don’t believe the brands that claim the guarantee of this activity. The local authorities don’t allow these deals. Still, the Aussie gambler has a lot of options: classic pre-match predictions, outright variations, etc. The pole positions are traditional: the winner, top-four, and handicaps between teams.
  • Fair odds. At least, the gamblers chase the prizes. The proper site offers meticulous plans of the odds to the next season. For example, AFL betting 2021 reveals Port Adelaide and the Brisbane Lions as the profitable directions. These predictions are pretty easy. Australian football is a beloved sport down under. But the country population is not great, and the local league system is relatively short. For example, the classic English ladder system has dozens of divisions. Hence, all the forecasts in Britain are drastically hard.
  • Mobile accessibility. Australia is famous for its high-developed IT sector but poor Internet infrastructure (especially in the outback). So, the reliable betting brand has a lightweight site, adapted even to the old smartphones, as a mandatory option. Some bookmakers down under have good development branches. At the end of the day, we have bright and modern portals with an adaptive design.
  • Additional features. Today is the age of live streams and quick withdrawals. Modern gamblers are in dire need of an instant result. This scheme is good for business too: people are tending to spend more with online statistics and small but frequent and regular prizes. Live chat and integration with various social media are widely represented. Everyone likes to show their achievement to the world and even to their closest friends.
  • Various Promotions. Every betting system has minor benefits for newcomers and experienced high rollers. They often give a sparkle of hope at the end of an unfortunate week. The Aussie Rules completely allow these promotional gifts. Among them, you can find free bets, more generous cashback, and additional winning percent for holidays, etc. Always check the Terms and Conditions of every site that you are placing bets in. Some of the promotions aren’t available in the selected countries.
  • Tech support. The idealistic technical crew is not created yet. Though, we all like polite and qualified support agents. The main sign of good service is a maximal number of call options. Phone, e-mail, live chat, and social media pages are well for solving online issues during gambling and betting.

What Are The Most Recommended AFL Betting Markets?

Punters have a great choice in this league. Though, the number of markets depends on the bookmaker. Of course, the most generous brands tend to give you maximum options, but some lesser portals sometimes have unique features. Let’s see what kind of predictions are the most profitable and popular under Aussie Rules.

AFL Future Markets

These are the most standard AFL bets, just as in other leagues. Future predictions are also renowned as outrights. The main market stakes are:

  • The Champion that wins the AFL Grand Final;
  • The Contender that battled for the Championship;
  • The Fairest Play of the Season. In Australia, the prize held the name The Brownlow Medal;
  • The local Golden Boot or the Coleman Medal. It belongs to the bomber of the nation with the biggest goal score;
  • The most promising young footballer of the year in the highest league;
  • The MVP of the Finale, or The Norm Smith Medal;
  • The best four or eight teams;
  • The worst clubs of the season;
  • A winning percentage of the dedicated teams.

For experienced high rollers, the AFL betting odds are not a big surprise. Hence, the punters can always correct a strategy during the season. The winner is always patient because the chance of a sudden underdog is lower than a prize for a meticulous strategy. Also, mind the unexpected factors. Aussie’s football is a full-contact sport for tough athletes. The richest and strongest clubs simply have a longer bench for the cases of traumas and injuries.

The bets of the AFL Tour

Every weekend in the season the AFL tour gives the bookmakers some new information about the competition. Hence, the bet conditions are published in the middle of the week. The main lines for betting are:

  • The top-scoring team or player;
  • The worst scoring team or player;
  • The largest margin for a winner;
  • The biggest number of goals per club;
  • The worst discipline in the club.


It is the rivalry between two selected clubs. Punters are free to choose them. The odds are lower because the conditions are not very complicated. The bets, though, are renowned due to a long feud of different ultras groups. Even casual betting enthusiasts are involving in the process.

The AFL Line Bets

Or the handicaps. It is the main rampart of many betting AFL strategies due to the vast opportunities for tweaking. The favorite has additional points, and the underdog is started virtually with an advantage. The club power is measured permanently, so the dedicated points slide too. Line betting requires a sharp mind and mathematical skills for further move calculation.

AFL Margin Bets

Winning margin is also an old friend of fans. The modern coefficient on the Australian sports portals is around 39.5 points. Sometimes, these margins are adjustable in the case of drastically unexpected results.

Half and Full-Time Bets

Every kind of football has this kind of prediction. The AFL fans suggest the winner of the halftime or the whole match. For example, a feud between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Western Bulldogs gives the betters these combinations:

  • Hawthorn Hawks – Hawthorn Hawks
  • Hawthorn Hawks – Western Bulldogs
  • Western Bulldogs – Hawthorn Hawks
  • Western Bulldogs – Western Bulldogs

And, of course, there is a draw prediction for a game or halftime.

Total Points In The Match

Every team sport has this bet. In some cases, it is the most profitable deal for every new so-called clairvoyant. The general score number in Aussie’s football is essential since it is a very attacking game, and the records are fallen easily. For punters, there are available bets for numbers below too.

Tri Bet System

The punters in the quest for diversity can try tri bets. It means the three teams are in the deal. Team A or Team B can have 15.5+ winning points or any other team that reaches the same level.

Prop Bets with the AFL

  • Prop betting delivers to Aussies some European-style bet system. It is very reminiscent of the Western leagues. Hence, sport high rollers from other continents are actively betting on the Australian homeland league too. Here are the most popular punter directions of modern times:
  • First Score. What team will achieve the first point from the kick?
  • First Team to Score. Like in European football, there are various coefficients on the leading club. The ways of scoring are indefinite: only the fact of the goal matters.
  • First Goalscorer. The bet on the AFL is pretty dynamic, and most of the teams have an intensive attacking style. Who will make the first point in the season?
  • Top Goalscorer – the Coleman Medal awaits its next heroes!
  • The largest number of disposals. This word means a pass by hand or simple kick. Disposals in Aussie rules have the same weight as the role of the main goal passes in the English version.

AFL Multiple Bets

The bookmakers allow making money on various teams at the same time. The complicated sports bet in the AFL is often used by professional high rollers, which are making well and detailed analyses about the team roster and the conditions of the top players and coaches. The accurate number of selected clubs is different between leagues.

Double Up

It is an additional condition of the main bet. For example, you’ve chosen a team with a handicap. For a double-up bonus, you should include another option (number of points, number of goals, best sniper, etc.) The odds are significantly higher here.

Best AFL Benefits from bets

The promotions weren’t invented in Australia, of course. The first rule of the gambling business is: always keep the prize heat! It means high rollers and newcomers equally deserve a piece of the pie. Every punter on Australian betting sites has a unique set of free bets, holiday bonuses, additional coefficients, etc.

AFL Live Streams

We are living in the media age. The popularity of every sports league has two dimensions: the quality of the competition and online coverage. The renowned Australian broadcaster of the AFL is Channel Seven, which delivers about five games every week. The American media conglomerate Fox is also having a block dedicated to football by Aussie’s Rules. In Europe and North America, the small audience of the game is rapidly growing. In the Green Continent, three basic bookies hold the major numbers of streams:

Follow these sites, and you will never run out of Australian football.

AFL Live Bets

Yes, we have informed you above that this section has enormous issues. Live bets are forbidden for Australian residents since 2011. Though, the restriction was made for homeland bookmakers. Some offshore betting brands still give you this service. We strongly recommend you check these bookies before the first deposit.

Some Great and Useful AFL Betting Tips

The AFL betting tips are pretty complicated. Every popular sports league has a lot of factors that define the result strictly. We’ve made a little compendium of advice for better wagering. Newcomers hope that they have unique luck. But the professionals always prefer a nitpicking analysis. These are the best tips for a successful punter in the AFL:

  1. You need research. Have you ever seen the “Moneyball” movie? It is the real story of a manager that loved maths and played baseball vigorously. Numbers are crucial for finances. Spend a lot of time on general statistics, at least. It is a very worthy thing for a successful gambling career. Historical records are worthy too.
  2. Study the Rules. Australian Football is not the most popular kind of ball sport. Some fine details are keys to general success at the end of the season. The game itself is too dynamic. The roller always knows the field situation and the place for right bets, as well.
  3. Study the Field. Australian betting laws are very liberal. You can choose as mush bookmakers as you want to. Open all the perspective lines, try all the solid strategies. Mind your wallet, it is the essential rule for every gambling activity. But fortune loves daring persons! Also, it is a matter of pure mathematics. More bets always mean better chances.  
  4. Future markets are your friends. They are backed by the best bookmakers. The major prizes are also involved. For a long-term strategy, the futures seem to be an incredibly perspective venture.
  5. Manage your time. Or, simply, know when to quit. Even “your” day must be completed ASAP. Sports bets are challenge and fun, not a profession. Again, always manage your wallet.
  6. Underdogs make miracles. The predictable bets are the safest and the poorest. The real deal is the league analysis. The season sometimes can produce a super team, an instant champion. It is the chance of life because the coefficients on this club will be higher. Also, multi-bets hide the enormous risks and golden hoards at the same time. The return looks inevitable, but there are still good chances to have a massive prize.
  7. Play with your options. The match bets are only the entry into the rabbit hole. You can choose a personal player’s achievements or club trophies. The Brownlow Medal Winner, for example, has good coefficients. The worst team is also having a joking prize. It is nominated with the AFL Wooden Spoon. This mocking trophy has a separate bet line!
  8. Always mind the weather. Australia is well-known for various cataclysms. The AFL Grand Final is played in the middle of the winter, and all the AFL season is a struggle against nature. The south-eastern part of the country is suffering from heavy rains. The Queensland matches often have a problem with overheat and humidity at the same time. Also, we were witnesses of terrible forest fires through recent years. That’s why the weather forecast plays a massive role in the continuing AFL season.

AFL Grand Final Bets and Some Champion Statistics

In the very first years of the Aussie Rules, this sport wasn’t even the all-national entertainment. The homeland of the competition is the Victoria state. The game was created in 1896, the Victorian age. Through the next century, the championship was local. Only in 1990, the continental states founded the national Australian Football League (AFL). Tasmania doesn’t take part in the championship. The league uses the draft system, which is very similar to the American one. The relegation system is absent. Since the beginning of the seasons, only one club has refused to participate. Still, the prestige of the high place is incredible.

The Grand Final is the final goal for every team. The match for the crown of the champion is the most desirable achievement for every AFL player. Traditionally, the Victoria state had held the general battle. But the 2020 Grand Final changed the location in the favor to the other place. The main arena of the Grand Final was The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The time of the Grand Final Match is in September annually. In the rarest cases, the date can be shifted by the national federation. The most illustrious champions of the nation are the cubs from Essendon and Carlton. Both of them are holding the record sixteen championships equally. Collingwood is the team that appears in the Grand Finale with the most number of tries (43).

The AFL Grand Final means a high tide for every betting brand in Australia. Every national bookmaker makes an enormous jackpot this evening. Let’s see the statistic of the last ten years, for every match and club:

2020RichmondGeelong12.9 (81) d. 7.8 (50)
2019RichmondGreater Western Sydney17.12 (114) d. 3.7 (25)
2018West CoastCollingwood11.13 (79) d. 11.8 (74)
2017RichmondAdelaide16.12 (108) d. 8.12 (60)
2016Western BulldogsSydney13.11 (89) d. 10.7 (67)
2015HawthornWest Coast16.11 (107) d. 8.13 (61)
2014HawthornSydney21.11 (137) d. 11.8 (74)
2013HawthornFremantle11.11 (77) d. 8.14 (62)
2012SydneyHawthorn14.7 (91) d. 11.15 (81)
2011GeelongCollingwood18.11 (119) d. 12.9 (81)

Bottom Line

Despite the local status and the relatively young history, the AFL can give the gambler a lot of fun and challenge. The game itself has a rapidly growing domestic audience, with perspectives for broadcasting abroad. We made this guide the first step into the world of local football leagues. Check modern AFL betting sites: they already have prepared for the hottest lines! Also, the matches themselves are incredibly entertaining. The hottest part of the season is in the middle of winter. You will have an exciting battle and huge prizes at the same time.

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