The Charles Brownlow Medal is one of the most prestigious individual awards in the AFL. The award was founded in honour of Charles Brownlow. Charles Brownlow was one of Geelong’s outstanding players. Charles played for a long time with this club, then became secretary and president of the club from 1918-1919. The legendary player died in 1924 after a long illness.

Brownlow Medal History

Brownlow Medal History

The Brownlow Medal has been awarded to players since the death of Charles Brownlow in 1924. In the early days of the medal, a countdown system was used if players had the same number of votes. In the end, the one with the most votes won. But the system of awarding changed in 1980. Under the new rules, if two or more players finish with the same number of votes, then both are declared winners.

Voting takes place after each match played on home turf and away. Votes are counted by the field judges. Votes are divided among several players: for one favourite, for a second favourite, and for whoever is considered the best player of the day.

AFL Brownlow Medal Records

In the history of the Brownlow Medal Award, four players have each won three medals. They are the following players who won the Brownlow:

  • Haydn Bunton of the Fitzroy Club.
  • Ian Stewart with St. Kilda and Richmond.
  • Dick Reynolds of Essendon.
  • Bob Skilton of South Melbourne.

The Brownlow medal counting takes place before the grand finals. This is rather an iconic event in the world of Australian soccer. The event is accompanied by colourful performances that reflect the best traditions of the VFL.

AFL Player Records

When you consider the long history of the AFL Brownlow Medal, it’s not surprising that many players have also won the medal. Consider those who have received the medal in the recent past.

  • In 2021, the Brownlow medal went to Port Adelaide. Echuk Windigo received the credit.
  • In 2020, Nachie Neal of the Brisbane Lions Club won the medal.
  • In 2019, Nat Fyfe brought a medal for the Fremantle club with 33 judges’ votes. But this wasn’t Brownlow’s first medal for Nat Fyfe. He had already won it in 2015.
  • Dustin Martin of Richmond took the medal in 2017.
  • For 2016, the medal went to the Geelong Cats thanks to player Patrick Dangerfield.
  • The 2014 winner was West Coast. The medal was won by player Matt Priddis.
  • In 2013, the medal went to the Gold Coast club thanks to 28 votes from Gary Ablett.
  • In 2012, Sam Mitchel made the Hawthorn team happy.
AFL Player Records
Nat Fyfe
source: The Guardian

Now, let’s take a look at the multiple Brownlow Medal Odds winners in the history of the award.

  • Ian Stewart has three medals.
  • Kate Greig has two medals.
  • Bob Skilton – 3 medals.
  • Dick Reynolds – 3 medals.
  • Ivor Varn-Smith – 3 medals.
  • Bill Hutchison – 3 medals, etc.

These guys were collecting maximum bets on AFL.

AFL Team Records

If you look by the club, the picture is as follows:

  • South Melbourne of Sydney has won the medal 14 times from 1940 to 2006.
  • The Western Bulldogs own 10 Brownlow medals.
  • St. Kilda owns the same number of medals won.
  • Collingwood has won the Brownlow Award 9 times.
  • Essendon and Fitzroy each have received 8. Fitzroy received the last one in 1981 and Essendon in 1996.
  • Richmond, Geelong and Melbourne boast similar scores, with each club having 7 Brownlow medals.
  • Hawthorn follows, with 6 medals to its credit.
  • North Melbourne and Carlton also have identical scores: each club has 5 AFL live odds medals.
  • The West Coast can’t boast to the Brisbane Lions, as they have the same Brownlow medal count. Both clubs have received it three times each.
  • Fremantle has had the good fortune to be named Brownlow Medal two times.
  • The Gold Coast, Brisbane Bears, Adelaide and Port Adelaide can rejoice in the fact that they each have one medal to their credit.
  • The losers on this list remain GWS and the University, who have never managed to get one. So it’s unlikely that anyone will make footy bets on them.

Brownlow Medal – How to Bet?

Some prefer to bet based on their intuition, while others rely on their analysis. If you want to win AFL Brownlow Medal Odds, you need to make your predictions about who will be first and who will be second. Another option to increase your chance of success in Brownlow betting is to bet on the top three. Because there are three slots in which each of your three favourites can fit.

There is a top-five option for AFL bets. It differs from the previous option with two additional slots. You win if any of your favourites even make it into the extra slots.

Toward the end of the season, many fans bet on the leader halfway through the season. By then, there are fewer favourites left in the sample and it’s much easier to make a pick. Betting AFL Brownlow odds on individual club voting leaders and group voting bets are also available. For the benefit of AFL Brownlow predictor, betting is available year-round, and the Brownlow Medal ceremony is widely broadcast through the mass media.

Brownlow Medal – How to Bet?

Brownlow Medal Betting Tips

Fans are excited after 2021, when the race for the Brownlow medal was very breathtaking. In the year gone by, the 4 favourites got less than 30 votes, and the winner, Ollie Wines, got a record number of votes. There were 36. The same names are expected on the list in 2022, but who are the potential surprises in the AFL Betting Odds?

  • Marcus Bontempelli. This player has been considered a high-flying bird since the beginning of his soccer career. He led the Bulldogs to victory earlier with 33 votes. Had he not been injured, he might have been the Brownlow medal favourite once again by now.
  • Ollie Vines. His team has been able to win 17 games in recent years because of his brilliant technique and skill. His individual, inimitable style continues to make every match spectacular, and footy bets on him are often winnable.
  • Sam Walsh. This player has relatively modest accomplishments. He has played only three seasons in the AFL. But in that time, he has managed to become one of the AFL’s most promising players. As a member of Carlton, he brought the club eight successful games and scored 30 votes in past seasons.
  • Clayton Oliver. This is an old character from last year’s list. His opponent, Cristian Petracca, had previously shaken his position by taking away several votes. But Oliver himself was able to garner 31 votes for AFL Bet. He has a good chance to bring his fans more victories in the new season.
  • Darcy Parish. Bombers fans have been clamouring to the hoarse end of their voices for years for Parish to be put in midfield. It turned out their dissatisfaction was well justified because once he was given a chance at the ball, he quickly turned into perhaps the most outstanding ball-handler in the game. In 23 games last year, he racked up 34 touches or more 13 times, and 42 or more in three of them. Parish boasts some of the cleanest and fastest hands in the business and has spent his life under the referees’ noses, so he should surprise his fans again in 2022 with the AFL Brownlow Medal.
  • Lachie Neal. This guy already has the Brownlow Medal for 2020. Recurring injuries have prevented him from playing brilliantly lately. But his 46 touches in one game and 37 touches in another, as well as his two goals against Essendon, promise his fans more wins. So a bet on the AFL in favour of this player would be a justified decision.
  • Jack Steele. This player came close to the top three in previous seasons. He has 26 votes to his credit and ranks fifth among the leaders. This guy can confidently join the ranks of the most promising betting leaders, as he has brilliant technique and stamina in games.
  • Christian Petracca. Oliver’s worthy opponent for betting AFL. He is considered one of the most powerful midfielders. Last year he was one of those who were one step away from a Brownlow medal. This season, he and Oliver will probably share the lead.

Given last year’s trends, it’s safe to say there’s another hot season ahead, with plenty of worthy contenders. For now, Oliver Clayton remains the definite favourite for the Brownlow Medal.

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