The Coleman Medal is one of the most prestigious awards in Australian soccer. This award is given to the player who scores the maximum number of goals in the AFL. Everyone in the AFL dreams of winning the Coleman Medal. The season is very short: it lasts only 23 weeks. As we get closer to the finish line, the excitement increases. Any player ranked second or third can jump ahead and knock off the favourite at any time.

Coleman Medal History

The medal was founded in honour of John Douglas Coleman. Coleman was one of the legendary players of the AFL. He played for the Essendon Club. He later became the coach of that club and coached it in the VFL. Coleman has a history of scoring 537 goals in 98 games. Coleman led the team in scoring from 1949 to 1953. He also had an impressive technique for the game. At age 25 he suffered a knee injury and had to end his playing career at that point. 

Coleman Medal History
John Coleman
source: Wikipedia

In 1981, the VFL introduced the Coleman Medal. The date for the Coleman Medal falls differently each season. The medal is awarded at grand finals, postseason nights, or other major award ceremonies.

AFL Coleman Medal Records

The Coleman Medal is the most prestigious award for a professional soccer player. We have analyzed the entire history of the medal and identified the record holders of the medal. The first recipient of the medal was Michael Roach of Richmond in 1981. And in 2004, the AFL decided to award the best offensive player from 1955 to 1980. Other Coleman Medal recipients are listed below: 

  • Matthew J. Lloyd of Essendon won the medal in 2000, scoring 94 goals in a season. In 2001, he won the medal a second time, scoring 96 goals. In 2003, he regained the medal again, scoring 89 goals. Only in 2002, he missed out on the medal when David Neitz of Melbourne beat him by the number of goals;
  • In 2004 and 2005, the medal went to Fraser Gehrig of St. Kilda. He scored 103 and 74 goals;
  • In 2006, Brendan Fevola of Carleton received the medal. He was helped by 86 goals for the season;
  • Lance Franklin is another favourite for the Coleman Medal. He received it in 2008, in 2011 and 2014. At the time, he played for the Hawthorn club. Later, in 2017, he won the medal while playing for the Sydney Swans club;
  • In 2007, the medal went to the Brisbane Lions club thanks to Jonathan Brown, who scored 77 goals in a season;
  • In 2009, the medal again went to Brandon Fevola of Carleton;
  • Jack Riewoldt of Richmond received the medal in 2010 and 2012, scoring 78 and 65 goals;
  • In 2013 again, the medal went to Hawthorn. This time it was brought by player Jarryd Roughead, scoring 68 goals;
  • In 2019, Jeremy Cameron of Greater Western Sidney became the winner of the prestigious Coleman Medal, scoring 67 goals;
  • In 2020, the medal went to the Geelong Club. This happened thanks to Tom Hawkins’ 49 goals.
  • In 2021, the medal went to Harry McKay of Carleton. He scored 58 goals.

AFL Player Records

If you look at the records, the picture looks like this:

  • Collingwood forward Dick Lee won the most Coleman medals. He has won the medal seven times. No one else has won that many Coleman Medals yet.
  • Another Coleman Medal record holder is Gordon Coventry. He won the Coleman Medal 6 times in his soccer career.
  • Collingwood has the most Coleman medals among Australian soccer teams. The team has as many as 23 of them. The second-highest number of medals is the Geelong club. It has 16 Coleman medals to its credit. Hawthorne is next with 14 medals. It is followed by Essendon with 13 medals.
  • Peter Hudson of the Hawthorne club scored the most goals in a single season. Such a spectacular game took place in 1970. During the season, Peter scored 146 goals.
  • However, some players have earned the Coleman Medal for their relatively modest numbers. For example, Eddie James and Jack Leith received the Coleman Medal in 1897 after scoring 22 goals evenly.
  • Another case is quite a fair award for Tony Lockett. He is considered the player who has scored the most goals in AFL history. He is credited with 1,360 goals scored.
  • Fred Fanning of Melbourne also received the award. He is regarded as the man who scored the most goals in one game. Fred set the record by scoring 18 goals in one game. Such a spectacular game occurred in 1947 when St. Kilda and Junction Oval played.

AFL Team Records

As for team accomplishments, the Collingwood club leads all. It has 23 Coleman medals, won from 1898 to 1986. Next is Geelong, with 17 medals in the club’s history. Geelong collected its medals from 1897 to 2020. Essendon and Hawthorn are on par, with both clubs having 14 medals each. The other holders of the AFL betting odds are as follows:

  • Melbourne won the AFL Coleman medal nine times from 1897 to 2002.
  • Carlton has 8 medals to its credit.
  • Sydney has seven Coleman medals.
  • Richmond boasts 8 medals.
  • Fitzroy has four medals.
  • St. Kilda has 7 medals.
  • North Melbourne also has 4 medals.
  • The Western Bulldogs have won 5 times.
  • University has one medal.
  • West Coast has won the Coleman Medal three times.
  • Greater Western Sidney, Brisbane Lions and Adelaide won once each.
AFL Team Records

Coleman Medal – How to Bet?

Coleman Medal odds are available throughout the AFL season. The new season opens on March 17 and runs through September 24, 2022. This year, the Richmond Tigers and Carlton Blues are fighting for the AFL Coleman Medal. Other games worth betting on are is as follows:

  • Josh Kennedy is considered one of the top contenders, according to expert predictions. The game will be played between West Coast and Carlton in the 12th tournament on June 6.
  • The 14th tournament game will take place between Geelong and the Western Bulldogs on June 18. This game is worth betting on Tom Hawkins and Aaron Naughton.
  • The June 27 game between the Blues and Adelaide Crows will be played, with McKay and Taylor Walker as the favourites.

To get the most out of the trends, we recommend keeping an eye on sports predictions.

Coleman Medal Betting Tips

Players worth following and betting AFL on are as follows:

  • Harry McKay. He has already set his record by scoring 38 goals through 11 games. He is entering his fifth season, during which his fans have high hopes for him.
  • Taylor Walker. His record is 34 goals through 10 games. There are opinions that Taylor has a good chance of overtaking the other favourites and winning the Coleman Medal again this season.
  • High hopes are pinned on Ben King of the Gold Coast club. Despite his young age of 20, he’s already scored 32 goals in 11 games and is firmly on the list of favourites.
  • Jack Riewoldt. This guy has already won the Coleman Medal twice, scoring 57 goals. And in 2021, he alone managed to collect 30 successful goals. He’s definitely worth the AFL bets.
  • Tom Hawkins. This player finished 2020 with just 10 goals. But long before that, he was the favourite, thanks to the fact that he has 628 goals in 288 games under his belt. He plays for the Geelong Cats club.
  • Jack Darling of the West Coast club has 408 goals in 10 seasons under his belt. He has been in the top three on the favourites’ list for several years now. This year, his position is fourth. Despite this, prognosticators give good hopes of him winning.
  • Tom Lynch. He has 28 goals in 17 games. Occupies the sixth place among the favourites so far. It should be taken into account that this promising player is actively approaching the mark of 400 successfully scored goals. This player is definitely worth of the AFL Bet.
  • Matt Taberner of the Dockers club is also worth considering.
  • Kayla Hooker of the Bombers club also has high hopes.
  • Josh Bruce of the Bulldogs also stands a good chance of winning the Coleman Medal.

When you do the Coleman Medal odds, Keep in mind that recent years have not been easy for AFL players either. The pandemic and its associated restrictions have markedly diminished the chances for brilliant play and achievement in athletic endeavours. Now, starting in 2021, the AFL is back to 20-minute quarters and a 23-round system. This approach gives players a better chance of scoring. 

In 2021, the AFL Premier League saw a trend of roster leaders like Josh Kennedy, Jeremy Cameron, Tom Hawkins, Ben Brown, Tom Lynch and Lance Franklin falling behind in scoring. 

Coleman Medal Betting Tips
Josh Kennedy
source: Twitter

The undisputed stars remain Harry McKay of Carleton and Taylor Walker of Adelaide. And the last two Coleman Medal winners, Tom Hawkins and Jeremy Cameron are also expected to play in the same forward line. Cameron is also remembered by fans for transferring from the Giants to the Geelong Cats in the offseason. Now he will have to play with one of the old-timers of this club Tom Hawkins. Forecasters believe this alliance will be one of the most powerful combinations in AFL history.

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